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CERM 2016

47th Central Regional Meeting

Elements & Strategies for a Better Future

May 18-21, 2016

Northern Kentucky Convention Center

Exhibition Information
Meeting Overview
The Central Region occupies a diverse area where chemists represent the pharmaceutical, chemical manufacturing, food and beverage, environmental, governmental, academic, cosmetic, personal care, home care, and flavor industries.

The 2016 ACSCERM Regional meeting is expected to draw 1000–1200 contacts and potential new customers from a wide range of industries. At the meeting, there will be an exhibition space to display your company’s unique products and interact with the meeting attendees. The exhibition is scheduled in four sessions over two days, including hours unopposed by the technical programs or social events. The exhibition area is centrally located with respect to technical meeting rooms, plenary session areas, poster session areas and registration, thus ensuring strong traffic flow through the exhibits.
Exhibitor Information
Booth space will be allotted in 8’×10’ spaces. Double spaces may be obtained but they will be limited in number. Each booth will be equipped with a sign, pipe & drape, a table, chairs, and a wastebasket. Additional furniture, electricity, telephone or internet connections are available on a for-fee basis.

For those companies who cannot, or choose not to, send a representative, table space service may be provided. Your literature can be set out at the start of the show and periodically replenished. Unused literature will not be returned unless special arrangements are made.

A special area will be designated for academic institutions that wish to recruit during the undergraduate poster session or during high school attendance day, and tables will be available at a reduced rate.

Each exhibitor will receive a list of attendees and their purchasing plans. Commercial exhibitors will receive two registrations, while academic exhibitors will receive one registration.

A series of raffle and other events are planned during the exhibition. If you have any special items you would like to donate for raffle events or if your company would be interested in sponsoring a refreshment break, poster session, social event, awards or plenary session, we would appreciate your support and will prominently recognize your participation. Please click here for more information.
Exhibition Fees
Entity Size (ft) Cost Includes (Wi-Fi and electricity available)
Commercial 8x10 $500 pipe, drape, sign, table, 2 chairs, business card ad, 1 registration
Commercial 8x20 $1000 pipe, drape, sign, table, 2 chairs, business card ad, 2 registrations
Academic 8x10 $500 pipe, drape, sign, table, 2 chairs, business card ad, 1 registration
Academic Shared 8x10 $250 pipe, drape, sign, ½ table, 1 chair
Unattended 8x10 $300 pipe, drape, sign, table
Unattended Shared 8x10 $200 pipe, drape, sign, ½ table
Requesting Exhibition Space, Advertising, and Workshops
Please use this form to reserve exhibition, advertising, or workshop space.

Completed forms should be saved and sent via email to Vanessa Frost Barnes or printed and faxed to 513-707-2769.

Payments by check should be made out to ACSCERM2016 and sent to: ACSCERM2016, c/o Dr. Daniel McLoughlin, 6986 Stonehenge Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45242-6204.

Payments by credit card are processed by Paypal. Click here to be directed to a secure page on the Cincinnati ACS Section's website.

A submitted form will hold space for 10 business days. If payment is not received in 10 business days, however, space may be forfeit.

Please direct questions to Exhibition Chair, Vanessa Frost Barnes, by email or by phone at 866-483-5684 (toll-free).
  1. Contact Vanessa Frost Barnes for more information on exhibiting at the meeting.