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CERM 2016

47th Central Regional Meeting

Elements & Strategies for a Better Future

May 18-21, 2016

Northern Kentucky Convention Center

Special Program Sessions
“What is Happening Down on the Pharm?”
Natural Product Synthesis with Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Applications (honoring 2 Cope Scholars and featuring a discussion of the future direction of the pharmaceutical industry by the CEOs of a large and a small pharmaceutical company)
Session Organizers: Dan McLoughlin (Xavier U)
Keynote Speaker: Alan Palkowitz (VP-Discovery Chemistry/Technologies, Eli Lilly Co.)

Symposium: Analytical Chemistry and its Connections to Chemical Engineering
Honoring Distinguished Professor of Analytical Chemistry Dr. William Heineman
Session Organizers: Adam Bange (Xavier U)

BioInspired Chemistry - Inspiring Solutions
Since Nature has already solved many of Life’s greatest technical challenges, let’s take advantage of Nature’s problem solving prowess for inspiration and deliver bioinspired answers to accelerate our innovation pace and deliver transformative results to improve life. Click here for more info.
Session Organizers: Zubin Khambatta (P&G), Bob Isfort (P&G)
Sponsored by: The Procter & Gamble Company

Final Program Details
Full Program Book
Meeting at a Glance (pages 17-23)
Speaker Instructions (page 40)
Technical Program (pages 41-124)
Author Index (pages 125-145)
Full Abstracts of Technical Sessions
Instructions for Presentors
All speakers and poster presenters must register and pay the appropriate registration fee to attend the meeting. Invited speakers should contact their symposium organizer to clarify the terms of their invitation. All presenters should prepare for their presentation by verifying the following details: the status of your abstract at (using your ACS ID to log in to the system); mode of presentation (oral or poster); and the time, length, and location of your presentation. If you need to withdraw your presentation, send a withdrawal notice to and contact your symposium organizer immediately.
Oral Sessions
Speakers should arrive in their presentation rooms at least 15 minutes before their scheduled session. Each room will be equipped with the following: Laptop, LCD projector, screen, podium, laser pointer, and timer. Speakers may provide their own laptops and necessary connection adapters. Specialty equipment is not provided. Speakers should arrange for any specialty equipment directly with their symposium organizer. Speakers are also encouraged to bring their presentation on a jump drive.
Poster Presentations
Posters should be at least 36”x48” and not larger than 48”x72”. The poster must have a heading giving the title of the poster, the author(s), and their affiliation(s). Posters will be mounted to boards in Ballroom B-C. Presenters should mount their poster 30 minutes before the scheduled session start time. Poster numbers are supplied by ACS and will be in the upper corner of each poster. The poster number corresponds with the number assigned to each poster in the technical program. Pushpins will be available at the poster session. Presenters must remain with their posters for the duration of their scheduled session as indicated in the technical program. All posters must remain up until the session ends and then must be removed immediately following the poster session.
Additional Information
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